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Special Handicap Bathtub Door Design

Handicap bathtub – Many manufactures designs bathtubs with a door or side door for disabled people, with a particular and constant attention to functionality and safety. So much so that its tanks have been evaluated and approved by the Italian Tetraplegic Association. Modern and essential, they do not have, either outside or inside, angular mechanisms or metal parts that could hurt the person who uses it.

The important of handicap bathtub is the size of the door. Which can vary from 70 to 85 cm depending on the model and that allows the disabled. Even on wheelchairs, to enter and exit the pool in comfort, safety and autonomy. Keep in mind that the vast majority of accidents occurring in the home occur in the bathroom due to the presence of water. Also soaps and slippery detergents that often cause falls and consequent fractures.

Any obstacle, especially inconvenient passages, for example in the tanks, small 40/45 cm doors can cause serious problems. These aspects are essential for people with disabilities. So, recommended you choose handicap bathtub with door opens strictly to the outside at 180 degrees. This door that opens inward is a great obstacle for the disabled person who has to enter and exit the pool. The closing and opening of the door is external. So inside there are no levers or metal mechanisms of any kind that could represent a great risk of injury for those who are taking a bath.#ThanksForReading SBC