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How to Make Own Little Compost Bin Kitchen

Compost bin kitchen is the end of the cycle of the food chain, the return of food consumed to the ground so they can nurture a new growth cycle.


  1. Purchase a plastic bucket 4-5 gallons with cap into the hardware store. Make sure you have verified that the handle and cover tightly fit.
  2. Line the pan with dry bed clothes tattered or shredded newspaper, cardboard, straw or coconut fiber. Punch holes in the top and hits a filter for litter box the inside of the lid covering the holes.
  3. Put a separate supply of linen cloth or other dry materials and a small container with garden soil or compost ready for your composting center under the sink.
  4. Collect food scraps in an empty bowl or bowl of a quart (1.14 l) where you prepare food. Save compostable waste at the end of a meal or when cleaning the cabinets or refrigerator.
  5. Make compost bin kitchen with fruits, vegetables, beans and paper filters, tea bags and eggshells. Do not compost meat, fish, dairy products or anything greasy.
  6. Repeat this process until the bucket is full. Remove the contents to aerate it, more or less every week. The compost bin kitchen is ready when it resembles crumbly brown soil and smells like soil.

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