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Ideas to Make a Small Galley Kitchen Design Look Larger

The color of any room has a great impact on how it looks spacious. Light colors generally make a room seem larger. A light blue, cream, pale yellow or other light colors work well for a small galley kitchen design. Paint the walls and ceiling with light colors to make the room look spacious. Darker colors on the wall will make this look more closed and you feel like a cave.

Lighting fixtures also cause a great impact on the perceived size in a small galley kitchen design. Avoid dark shades accessories. The clean lines of the fixtures will make the kitchen look less cluttered. The track lighting or recessed work well because they are simple and do not hang in the room lighting. Add lighting above the cabinets to create a friendly atmosphere and to draw the eye upward.

The cabinet selection is another important factor in the small galley kitchen design. Choose light colored furniture. Whether painted or wood grain cabinets work well as long as they are light colored. Choose simple panels and drawer handles to prevent the area look too busy. Cabinet doors with glass panels also make the room seem larger.#ThanksForReading SBC