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How to Style Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

Small galley kitchen remodel can usually be found in apartments, condominiums, townhouses and smaller homes. Inside a galley kitchen two counters run parallel for one other with devices spaced along them. Perhaps one of the great primary attributes of a galley kitchen is that the cook can turn a counter to another without walking any distance. A distinct disadvantage is that the limited space causes it to be more difficult for someone by using the kitchen while doing so. Generally, galley kitchens are no place for a table and chairs and storage space is with a premium. Try these ideas for small galley kitchen remodel that is efficient and modern.


  1. Maximize your counter space and cabinet replacing a standard refrigerator for a unit of refrigerator and freezer under the counter. The average two-door models provide about 170 liters of storage.
  2. The small galley kitchen remodel with install cabinets at ceiling height above both benches. Use cabinets with glass facade on one side to create the illusion of more space. Pick a light colored wood to increase the feeling of space.
  3. Keep your countertops free putting a built-in microwave / hood set above the stove?
  4. Eliminate the need for a mobile trash can of installing a trash compactor under the counter, and a deposit in the sink. Hang a trash can inside the door under the sink.

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