Metal Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs

How to Cut a Mesh for Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs Mosaic

Colorful mosaic kitchen backsplash tile designs in your kitchen area to give a sophisticated appeal. Because Mosaic tiles are much smaller than traditional tiles often come attached to a mesh surface designed to make quick and easy installation.


  1. Measure the area of ?? The backsplash in your kitchen to determine the exact size you need to cut the tiles with mesh backing.
  2. Turn the kitchen backsplash tile designs section of mesh so that the mesh is up. Measure to the exact point along the grid where you have to cut and draw a line with a carpenter’s pencil to mark a guide line.
  3. Place the tiles with mesh backing on a cutting mat or a desk. Cut through the mesh by sliding along the line a knife. Withdrawing the cut portion of the grid and the tiles.
  4. Cut the same tile if the line was not exactly measuring the length of the edges of the kitchen backsplash tile designs. Place a tweezers on a mosaic tile and align it with your pencil. Hold the tongs closed and press down with a quick movement to cut the tile floors. Repeat on the other tiles to form a straight line.

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