Remodeling Diy Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Tips Cleaning For DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

A diy kitchen cabinet refacing makeover does not have to involve boot worn cabinets, buying expensive new furniture and pay professionals to hang. Many homeowners choose to do it yourself to save money by grinding with diy kitchen cabinet refacing and replacement doors, drawer fronts and hardware themselves. The key to Cabinets Refacing is take your time, make accurate measurements and have a steady hand.

  1. Clean the cabinet with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Use a clean damp cloth and do not apply water to the surface. Clean the cabinets down and let it dry.
  2. Fill deep scratches or dents with wood putty and let it harden. Sand all exterior surfaces by hand with sandpaper 150 grit this helps to ensure a close link with the new sheet. Wipe furniture with a tack cloth to remove dust.
  3. In diy kitchen cabinet refacing apply a generous amount of wood glue on the back of the wood cut to size. Attach to the sides of the end cabinets. Make sure the upper and front edges are flush with the cabinet. Use 2d nails and fasten to the box. Fill small holes with wood filler and let them harden.

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