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How to Make Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Step to Make Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Measure and Buy Beadboard

You can get beadboard in 4 by 8 sheets, the measure of a plywood sheet.

Remove Doors

Evacuate your bureau entryways, taking consideration to take off any handles. Unscrew the pivots and keep the sinks their gaps to abstain from losing them.


Set up the entryways for cement by sanding them down. Clip them to a level surface and sand with your sash sander.


Wearing your security glasses, slice the beadboard kitchen cabinet doors to the extent of each bureau entryway. Lay it down on top of the bureau to make certain it fits.

Apply Adhesive

Apply your glue liberally to the bureau entryways or to the over of the beadboard.


Place the beadboard pieces you have cut onto the bureau entryways, putting some weight on them as you press down. Slide them somewhat from side to side to bond the beadboard kitchen cabinet doors and entryways with the cement.


Use caulk to caulk any splits and the edges of the entryways you’ve made. Let the caulk dry and after that sand it.


Paint or stain your entryways in the shade you have picked. To attain a completed look, you’ll likely need to paint your cupboards.#ThanksForReading SBC