School Locker Decor Ideas

Locker decor, Decorate your school locker is an expression of your individuality. If you’re into music, love books or play sports, a wardrobe decorated makes a statement about who you are. It also encourages your personal space in school. When selecting colors, decorations, photos and gadgets that reflect your style, that locker dull metal will be transformed into something that is totally you. Here, we propose some ideas for locker décor, especially for school locker. Let’s check this out.

Related to locker decor, especially school locker, there some aspect that must be your concern. The first is things first. It means that before decorating, check the guidelines of your school. Generally, schools have rules about what can be displayed and how it can be displayed. For example, innuendos and references to drugs and alcohol profanity, off-color are off limits. Schools can also specify whether you can use duct tape, shelf paper and other adhesive materials. Even if the rules of your school are minimal, display materials that can be removed easily and give a favorable impression.

The second aspect is think outside the box. It means that you must take some time to think about how you want your wardrobe to look. This space is the only place you can be yourself, to be creative. You live for the beach? Are you crazy about football? Whether visiting Paris? Or maybe you like to shop? Think of ways to incorporate your ideas into decorations. You can select a theme for your wardrobe, use your favorite color along or simply put together a mix of all your favorite things. Some students change their locker decorations with each season or holiday. Others focus on the function and usability by incorporating storage systems, magnetic supply holders, magnetic clocks, calendars and dry erase boards. The goal is to come up with something that appeal to you.

The third aspect is mirrors, magnets, keepsakes and more. It means that one way to add style to your locker is “wallpaper” of the interior. Magnetic wallpaper created specifically for school lockers are available in many discount stores. Designed by a teenager, magnetic wallpaper comes in everything from pink camouflage and polka dot flowers and leopard print. Colored fabric glued to cardboard or cork wallpaper is another option. Attach it to the cabinet with tape or craft glue double face magnets back. By adding a few push pins, it also serves as a bulletin board to tacking-calendars, class schedules, photos and ticket stubs. If the tape is not permitted and magnetic wallpaper is out of your budget, use your favorite cut of wrapping paper to fit and attach it with magnets that coordinate with your theme. Be sure to add extra magnets so you can post notes, diaries and photos. For added flare, decorate the edge of the top cabinet shelf with beaded trim that coordinates with your wallpaper. Finally, that’s all about locker décor especially for school locker decor that can I share today. Thank you.#ThanksForReading SBC