Mexican Decorations Style

The Mexican decorations style is characterized by colorful, traditional and for being a mixture of many cultures that blend to create eclectic environments that walk between tranquility and vividness. All this makes it unique and easily recognizable. Mexican decoration is a decoration with character. Mexican culture combines disparate elements creating cozy atmospheres of great aesthetic impact in any case at odds with functionality.

The interior has grown with the country’s history, absorbing elements that other cultures have spilled over Mexican decorations style. Thus a personal style in which ceramics and crafts are essential and furniture is true to tradition and popular culture was created. With independence, the strong and warm colors made their way to be essential.

Religion has an important role in Mexico, so it is common to find items such as crucifixes, Virgin and many representative icons of the fervor of the Aztec country. The courtyards are not ignored and the interior Mexican decorations of the house end up going outside. So you can see colorful Courtyards features ceramics, functionality and craftsmanship, the result of the mix of cultures. The plants are common in these scenarios; also adorn the closed spaces of the house.#ThanksForReading SBC