Easy Diy Round Patio Chair Cushions

Make round patio chair cushions are harder to make a square cushion because it is slightly more difficult to sew a round shape.  But with a little time and patience, even an amateur sewer may create a round cushion for use as a chair seat, covered bar stool or pillow. Make pillows in a variety of sizes for an inexpensive way to decorate a home.

First step to make round patio chair cushions is Draw two, 12 and a half inches in diameter circles on back of fabric chosen using chalk fabric and a drawing compass. Cut out two circles with a pair of scissors.  Pin any desired motif – like a ribbon, beaded necklace or a string – around circumference of one or both of circles and sew in place.

Sew two short ends of rectangle piece together using a seam allowance of an average single inch. Pin top quarter of an inch rectangle border around circumference of 12 and a half-inch circle, facing right sides together. Sew rectangle to circle. This will cause top of cushion. Place right side of other 12 and a half inches circle to right edge of rectangle not sewn and pin in place. Sewing circle in place, leaving a four inch hole in side. Turn right side cushion. And Fill cushion with polyester fill. Fill mattress as complete as possible to make a rigid mattress. Fold raw edges of hole inside mattress and hand sew opening closed round patio chair cushions.#ThanksForReading SBC