New Chairs with Chair Reupholstering

First thing we ask when chair reupholstering or couch is whether it’s worth doing. In many cases the furniture is so old that the price point will make them higher than the value of the piece. To make the job worthwhile must calculate the price of upholstery will not exceed 40% of the total price of the furniture.

We must also analyze the possibilities and what chair reupholstering could win with new upholstery. This is the case of these chairs Classic-cut, which, with a combination of more power and modern colors, they have been achieved to a new life, much more in line with the current decor.

But if the piece is antique furniture it is more difficult to calculate the value of it, since other factors come into play, as the personal meaning or design furniture. In that case, more than the price in money, we must analyze the state in which it is located, as they often need more than an upholstered piece to renew. If the piece has wooden parts, as can happen if you are chair reupholstering, it is more than likely also be necessary to restore this part, painting them again, depending on the effect you want to achieve.#ThanksForReading SBC