Best Baby Booster Chair

High chair or baby booster chair, for you to see! Designed for infants capable of sitting alone – around 6 to 8 months – high chair can be used at least until 3 years of your child (15 kg). This allows your child to be greedy to your height for dining and, later, to play near you. This is case also for booster seat, a seat that stows in a chair or on a table. It is useful when your child begins to eat alone, to 1 year or more depending on model, up to about 3 years.

Comfort of baby booster chair is important that chair is equipped with a padding adapted to size of your baby and it has a footrest to prevent your toddler has feet dangling in air. If you opt for a flexible and scalable high chair, this will let you keep several years.

High chair is with buggy and changing table; product that causes more falls and head injuries. Be careful to use a model in good condition and recent standards: EN 14 988-1 & 2 for high chair, XP S54-041 for booster chair. Furthermore, always fasten fasteners and use crotch strap to prevent your child from slipping. Booster must be properly attached to seat, including file to prevent it rocking. Finally, never leave your baby unattended in a high chair or baby booster chair.#ThanksForReading SBC