Size of Mantel Decorations for Christmas

You and your family may want to decorate the cornices in your home with accents that put everyone in the Christmas spirit. Some of items can be grouped to make a display of attractive holiday, or you can choose signature mantel decorations pieces that have become part of your family’s Christmas tradition.

Mantel decorations for the holidays will add warmth and sentimental value to the space. Multiple small decorations are best for a cornice with limited space. For example, small frames of gold or First pictures of silver filled Christmases of their children can line the fireplace, or you can hang small Christmas stockings and Santa hats near the fireplace, along with a small piece of garland to make especially festive decoration.

For greater mantel decorations, a tall glass vase filled with colorful Christmas decorations or a crown made of white gold leaves or is an elegant addition to the room.#ThanksForReading SBC