Western Mantel Decorating Ideas from Iron and Ceramics

The heart of your home, the fireplace is the perfect place to show a homemade western style, cozy and rustic. Western decor can include everything from cowboy’s life on the farm with Native American art. Mantel decorating ideas are often used to display family photos, which can be integrated into an array of western-themed decor objects and pieces of conversation.

The wrought iron is a popular staple of western decor that offers variety, drama and substance. Place wrought iron candle holders and picture frames in the mantle itself, or create a western setting for your mantel decorating ideas by placing iron sconces, lanterns, stars, tapestries or a mirror with iron frame on the wall above the fireplace.

Fill an American-style Indian pottery bowl or vase with flowers or feathers and put it on the mantelpiece, alone or in groups. Crock ware and other ceramic styles are also good ways to display flowers in Western mantel decorating ideas. Hang a ceramic plate on the wall behind the cloak or put beeswax candles on a cluster of ceramic candlesticks.#ThanksForReading SBC