Beach Cottage Decor for Floors and Walls

Whether you are decorating a real beach house or decorating a house with a beach-house style, the subject requires you to bring the beach indoors. Colors and themes, such as the brown sand and Oceanside shells, are only part of the decoration requirements. Beach styles also require natural materials such as linen and rattan, and a general feeling casual. Style beach cottage decor is all about finding creative ways to bring the beach indoors.

Beware of going overboard with the blue when you’re using a beach cottage decor. You do not want to create the feeling of being underwater; you want to create the feeling of being next to the water. Stay with neutral background colors and bold colors to create an accent, breezy, easy style casual beach. For example, blue carpet and dark blue walls more imposing, but pine floors and pale blue walls appear welcoming.

Try dark wood floors and pink walls pale coral to a kitchen with a simple beach cottage decor, or tiles of pale aqua and white sand walls to a kitchen with a cheerful style. Light wood floors and cream walls with dark blue trim provide a fresh look at a living room. Light sea-green carpet and white panel walls provide a relaxing look in a room.#ThanksForReading SBC