Ceramic Tile Chair Rail

Chair Rail Decoration for Modern Home

Chair rail is one type of wall hangings that we often find in a home that takes modern design. Modern home design is very minimal in the affairs of the use of decoration; there are only a few sides which are using ornaments. Decoration in use also in the form of additional detail only cements the same as that used to make the shaft wall. This ornament as if to give a clear boundary between the top wall and the bottom wall of a house. Transverse line along the wall would make it look more luxurious, the use of other decoration will actually make the house modern design looks strange.

Chair Rail Can Be Made Using Wood

The use of decoration is usually done when a person feels that the walls of the house are too plain and needed a touch of art. Manufacture of transverse lines on the wall has actually been around since ancient times, but the first is still using wood as a material. Over the times, the use of wood as the maker of the transverse lines becoming obsolete, replaced by the use of cement as a wall. Even when started as a maker of gypsum found, the use of transverse lines on the wall of the house. Gypsum is more widely used because it is easy in the process of attachment, such as the use of wood.

Chair Rail Ideas Tailored to the Overall Home Design

A wall that uses a transverse line must be completely adapted to the design of the room as a whole. If the making of the transverse line does not match the overall design of the room then the room will look odd. Horizontal line that should be able to make a room look attractive as it would make it separate into two. But when the design is made ​​according to, for example in terms of color selection, then you will find a room that looks very luxurious, as the trim to the wall.

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