Wooden Storage Chest Seat

DIY Great Storage Chest Seat

Storage chest seat – The lower dimensions set the size of the entire chest. Home envy recommends a width of 16 ½ inches. Cut the side boards to match the width of the bottom three tables. Cut two inches by two inches of pine to produce four pieces each measuring 13 ½ inches long to serve as posts. Secure the sides to the corner posts.

Than place two 16 ½ inch 1 for 8 pine boards on top of two of the corner posts to create the side. Drill holes for screws with countersunk bit. Slightly countersunk creates a hole that allows the screw to sit below the surface and gives room for a timber cap for concealing the screw. Build the other side in the same way to be storage chest seat base.

Place the piano hinge to the upper edge of one of the long sides of the chest. Slide the box on the bottom three boards. Screw the lower side panels. Take two one-inch by 10-inch boards and lay them side by side to create the cover. Place two poles of an inch by two inches by two large panels and screws in place to hold the two large piece together. Place the lid of the piano hinge. Add a chain of 12 inches to the top and side of the chest near a rear corner. Place the handles on the sides. Wooden hammer caps to cover the screw holes. And the last step is decorate storage chest seat with paint.#ThanksForReading SBC