Tall Bookcase Design

Adequate Tall Bookcase for Children

Tall bookcase – When you install shelves in your child’s room or in a playground, you want to install them at a height that is safe and suitable for their needs. If you install too low, you may be able to climb on them and do not want to run the risk of falling. Install high limit its ability to reach for toys, games and books. You should also think about the future because the height that works today, it may be low in a year or two. According to the Librisdesign.org website, which is supported by the US Institute of Museum and Library Services, the maximum tall bookcase to which should be the shelves of both children it is 42-66 inches. For example, the bookshelves have a maximum height of 42 inches so that small children can reach them.

In the room, you can install more than about 42 inches and then install additional below the first to accommodate your child’s belongings. There is no reason why the shelves have to be spaced the same distance on the wall unless you prefer symmetry. There is neither precise guide nor a measure to place tall bookcase right for your children, but want to make sure that they are accessible.

If you are storing medicines, cleaning chemicals or medical devices, keep them out of reach. Consider installing a shelf at waist level of your child and another on the level of your arm so you can see your belongings and you can get them easily. The shelves at the level of the knee also work, but younger children are not much higher than the floor.#ThanksForReading SBC