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Antique Bookcase Give A Decorative Touch

Antique bookcase – bookshelves, need to increase saves space in your home, but you want to give a decorative touch and original? Then the shelves are an ideal solution. They allow you to accommodate your items, and at the same time show off well neat and bright, with great ease. You can buy prefabricated shelving on the market, or if you dare, make your own, reusing obsolete items you have in your home. Today we will learn to create floating wall shelves, using beautiful covers of old books.

Steps for a shelf with old books, books obsolete. We will use books obsolete; they no longer have use for reading, as will remove your content pages, using only the caps. If you have useful materials, visit libraries used in your city where you are getting extremely economic pieces, beautiful, and ideal for this task. We will also use wood blocks to make a antique bookcase, strong but lightweight, and some screws and everyday items.

To mount this as a book shelf on the wall, use plugs and screws. To do this, we first define the site location of each antique bookcase (taking advantage of even corners and narrow walls) and select the site of the screws. Mark on wood, drilling to create the system mounted, and cut into the right size, that is just under the cover of the book. Remember that the thickness of the wood should be the same book, for the perfectly-fitting lids.#ThanksForReading SBC