Vintage Japanese Paper Lanterns

Japanese Paper Lanterns And Stone Lantern

Japanese paper lanterns – There is something that best expresses a “Japanese Garden” a stone lantern or paper lanterns! Why are Japanese lanterns along with other elements of the so … damn charming traditional Japanese garden? Let’s take a closer look:

Ancient temples and shrines in Japan used lanterns made of bronze, stone or paper, japanese paper lanterns, iron and stone for the environment and the reference to transcendence. These traditional lamps were not intended to provide functional light. The appearance was more important compared to practical use. To illuminate the paths and trails candles and lamps were used rice paper.

In Japanese tradition lamps – “pagodas” – stone ornaments are placed in strategic locations where they seem to be useful or at least usable. In order to achieve a natural feel it would be advisable to place them somewhere where the light is theoretically needed you can using japanese paper lanterns for lighting: beside a road near a porch, next to a water fountain or next to a pond or a lake where his image reflected in the water. The stone lamp is the finishing touch in every Japanese garden design and serves to mark a special place in the garden, an observation point or the boundary between two distinct zones (water and land for instance). Japanese lamps are considered worthy of being the focal point in the garden, rather than blend into their surroundings.#ThanksForReading SBC