White Moroccan Candle Lanterns

Quick and Simple Diy Moroccan Candle Lanterns!

If you like exotic decoration or give a touch of color to your home these Moroccan candle lanterns create a warm air next winter. So let’s see how we can prepare in no time. You do not need many materials and also once again take advantage of those glass containers that we accumulate. They will serve for a new and decorative use.

First thing to create Moroccan candle lanterns, we will do is clean jars well and remove tags. For it will wash jars with hot water and a brush or scouring pad. With a little lemon juice smells that may have jarred its former contents will. Let dry thoroughly before starting next step is to apply golden dimensional painting. We can follow different patterns for each torch has a unique look. If we look at internet certainly we find many examples of these style lanterns that we can serve as examples to create our personalized decoration.

Once dry dimensional painting we will paint glass on inside with a brush and paint to glass. We choose color you like best for each flashlight. Let paint dry glass. We only stay if we hang lanterns add a wire to hang. It’s easy, place a piece of wire around mouth of jar just below thread and make a loop with another piece of wire that we will join wire placed around mouth of jar. We will sail within our Moroccan candle lanterns and we are ready to create an attractive exotic set in our living room, bedroom, and hallway or in any other room.#ThanksForReading SBC