White Neck Roll Pillow

Super Cute Neck Roll Pillow for Kids!

Neck roll pillow for children and young children are sometimes called travel, U-shaped cushions or u. These pillows are used to support children sleeping heads and necks while traveling by car seats in vehicles or while traveling on other modes of transport, such as airplanes. The pillow is generally a tube shape and filled with various materials and wrapped around the front or side of the child’s neck to support the neck and head tilted.

Store-bought pillows are often formed in the form of fantasy characters, animals or as popular characters from television and film. Some neck roll pillow bought in stores may not be suitable for all ages of children due to small parts, such as eyes or residues, which can be torn from the pillow and put it in the mouth. Small parts such as ribbons, buttons, buckles and other embellishments pose a choking hazard.

Before purchasing a neck roll pillow to ensure that it is well constructed and appropriate for the age of your child. Shoot all attachments on the pillow to see if they come off. Store-bought pillows are available in several pieces of fabric and filled with a variety of types of farce, including, but not limited to Styrofoam pieces or pellets, sponge, cotton or polyester batting, or molded foam recycled fibers.#ThanksForReading SBC