Vintage Silverware Chest

Plated Gold and Silverware Chest

Silverware chest – Store covered in silver and gold plated in a sturdy box tarnish specially treated or chest and keep your chest in a clean place free from excessive moisture or humidity. If stored properly covered, you only need to polish every few months. Special polishes contain chemicals that stain are available for covered silver and gold plating. Apply the glaze with horizontal strokes from end to end of each piece prevents circular marks in silver. Remove the glaze with hot soapy water, rinse with warm water and dry.

For more splendor, polishing parts with a dry flannel cloth of silverware chest. Don’t covered bind with rubber bands as sulfur in the rubber root cause loss of brightness that can be permanent. To keep gold and silver cutlery in the best shape with minimal maintenance, they use it daily. As the age of the covered note the only changes in the finish that develop over time.

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