Wicker Storage Chest

Plan for Wicker Storage Chest with a Cushion

Wicker storage chest – A hope chest makes an excellent addition to your home furnishings. It is elegant, while adding storage space. When you make one with a seat cushion at the top, it becomes a functional piece of furniture, adding additional seats to the living place.

Many designs are available in the wicker storage chest. Make your choice based on the tastes of the person who will receive the hope chest. Also the design of his chest hoping to fit any size. To make a long and hope in the narrow chest or smaller to fit into a confined space or anything else trunk. No matter what design you choose, adapted to include a seat cushion at the top.

Since you’re including a seat cushion on his chest hope, you will have to build a nice, sturdy wood instead of out of a material wicker storage chest. You want the hope chest to support the weight of any person sitting in it. The choice of wood for traditional cedar hope chests because its aroma is a natural insect repellent. Any blankets or clothes stored on a cedar hope chest are safe from moths – no mothball necessary. Another good option is the oak. Oak is a hardwood, durable with a beautiful, distinctive grain. It works well for hope chest that can double as a seat.#ThanksForReading SBC