Wide Plank Wood Flooring Solid

Wide Plank Wood Flooring DIY

Wide plank wood flooring – In the market there are different formats of parquet, and the most of greater spread are the following. Lamparquet has a width comprised between 30 and 75 mm, a length between 190 and 450 mm, and a thickness of between 8 and 14 mm. It ‘ a hardwood flooring that is only installed with glue. The walkable face is smooth and perfectly flat but not polished, and the sides are slightly inclined for a better combination with the other bands.

Strip or wide plank floor DIY interlocking It ‘identical to the normal strip or wide plank wood flooring described above with respect to size and finishing, but in It has the most important characteristic of not requiring the laying by gluing because equipped with male-female housings for mounting interlocking. To this is much simpler to lie and not expressly requires a firm of professionals to do so.

Plank or wide plank wood flooring has a width comprised between 70 and 100 mm, a length between 500 and 1200 mm, and a thickness comprised between 10 and 15 mm. May be commercially available both as raw solid (smooth but not polished) and prefinished solid , and both interlocking that with installation by glue.#ThanksForReading SBC