Best Sapien Bookcase

Unique Decoration Sapien Bookcase

In the previous post we talk of sapien bookcase that are not seen (Part I), we could see two different models bookcase designed by Myron perfect Loir to place on the walls of the house our favorite readings as if they were floating in the air .In this post I want to continue teaching different models of invisible shelves but have been designed to support a greater number of copies on its structure while playing with the placement and design.

The sapien bookcase Anthracite, designed by Bruno Reynaldo, gives us the ability to place our large collection of books to a height of 152 cm, making it appear high ton of books that can get messy to fall at any time. The structure of this shelf is hidden among the books creating this feeling so curious. It has the advantage of being able to be placed in any corner due to small footprint, and it becomes a perfect decoration for any area of the house.

Another interesting model is the Virtual sapien bookcase, designed to be placed and anchored to a wall, it allows us to put our books following the curved shapes without them falling to the ground. Previous models like playing with the floating effect and makes the base shelf disappear from view once it is filled with books. Also it has the advantage that if we combine several placing them then we can create sinuous forms of “s” in addition to increasing capacity.#ThanksForReading SBC