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Suggestions for Decorating Candle Vases with Glass Bottles and Jars

Today we will see a trend that candle vases, decorate with bottles and glass jars, and we will use everyday objects, it will not lead us to an extra outlay, or yes, (if you decide like me, make special few), but basically It is very common in any house; and also provides many nuances, if we make good use of all its possibilities.

Come along and discover, as you do with those bottles or jars that you have stored in your attic, in the refrigerator, in the pantry…. sure after this post, you cannot resist looking for a place in your house, your old bottles. Cans and glass bottles, open to us a lot, in terms of decoration candle vases is concerned, because with them we can customize almost any stay, event or area; the most common use lately, is used as vases, either individually or create a centerpiece with multiple binding.

If you want to create a zone of color, is a great idea, merge several types of bottles / cans / jars of the same color in the same space, you can also use one color but in different shades, see how gained in intensity

Besides as a vase or centerpiece, we can use as a simple decorative candle vases, if nothing else, the color of the glass, as well as multiple faces that creates the light passing through them, get a nice visual effect. I leave you with the other proposals, and when you tire of so much decoration, we can always reuse them for our drinks, the case of bottles, or canning jars case.#ThanksForReading SBC