Hot Pink Zebra Design Bedroom Ideas

Fashionable Zebra Design Bedroom Ideas

Zebra design bedroom ideas is always fashionable and is a suitable pattern for teens, kids, and adults alike. Zebra decorated bedroom can look very elegant for child or adolescent with graphic detail, looks very nice. A zebra rug is an amazing base for a bedroom. In fact if the carpet is great, maybe all you need in the room is the zebra and some small accessories. Paint the walls a bright color to highlight the black carpet and white. If you put the bed on this, look better used bedding and contrasting solid color as if also of zebra will compete with the carpet. Remember that less is more and that the carpet is the star of the room.

For an incredibly bold and unusual zebra design bedroom ideas, large zebra stripes painted on the walls or perhaps into one. Check magazines and websites to get an idea of ​​how these stripes are modulated. You can also find painting guides online to help you achieve the best possible results. Paint the walls with lime green stripes or bright yellow. Something that is fine too, is to paint each wall a different bright color and zebra stripes on each colored wall in zebra design bedroom ideas.#ThanksForReading SBC