How To Make A Water Fountain With Bamboo Ornament

How to Make a Water Fountain with a Pitcher?

The sources of how to make a water fountain are often central points in a yard or garden. You can make a source of water outdoors with a variety of objects, including pots, buckets, barrels and buckets. The sources of pitcher are often most majestic garden and decorative than other types of sources of home water. Choose a pitcher garden for your source of water that is at least 20 inches tall and at least 17 ​​inches in diameter. The jar can be made ​​of any material and may be ribbed or not.

Drill a hole that is big enough to enter the solar cable from your submersible pump source to the solar panel. If you choose a pump source power, you’ll need so large that between the ends of the cord opening how to make a water fountain.

Drill the hole in the base of the jar so that it is not in sight. In a ribbed pitcher, drill a hole through the inner base of the how to make a water fountain with pitcher, then you can run the cable under the container. Be sure to use the appropriate drill bit for the material crock. Place solar submersible pump source inside the jar.#ThanksForReading SBC