Bed Post Finials Porcelain

Placing the Bed Post Finials According To Feng Shui

Bed post finials – The decor Feng Shui focuses on the premise that the location of objects is critical to the flow of positive energy within a given stay. And in one of the areas where this is particularly important in the bedroom it is fundamental to enjoy a perfect rest and relaxation state. Plus many other essential factors in a room, the bed position as this oriental art is the key to harmonize and balance the space properly. The position of the bed in the bedroom is, according to Feng essential to promote relaxation and vitality Shui wake up without feeling exhausted or nervous. The first rule is that the bed cannot be located just outside the door or in the window; the ideal is to have its head behind the bedroom wall that is farthest from the door.

The absence of a headboard is according to Feng synonymous with instability and insecurity towards life Shui. Therefore, the beds are preferable solid headboards and are placed on a wall in which there are no windows or mirrors. In the event that you cannot help and have a window on the bed, try to hide with good curtains. In the task of placing the bed post finials according to Feng Shui you should also keep in mind that it is best to avoid the placement of objects hanging on the headboard. If you want to decorate the wall anyway, we suggest you choose not very heavy objects such as a small wall lamp. Also preclude the installation of ceiling fans on the bed.

Other fundamental criteria of Feng Shui regarding the placement of the bed post finials in the bedroom, it is imperative that you can access it from both sides. Therefore completely avoids locate stuck to the walls. And, if possible, takes two bedside tables and place them on each side of the bed. In addition to the placement and orientation of the bed, the art of Feng Shui pay close attention to the influence of colors in our welfare. Ideally, choose bedding (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bedspreads, etc.) in soft pastel colors, as these evoke tranquility and promote good rest. In addition to natural fabrics which are preferred they are synthetic.#ThanksForReading SBC