White Custom Closets

How to Build Shelves and Custom Closets

By adding doors to the shelves as they become custom closets. The construction of these storage spaces yourself gives you the opportunity to get exactly what you want for less money. Decide where you want your shelf or cabinet to measure and determine the height, width and depth. If you are building a bookshelf or closet to fit a specific area, use a tape measure to get the exact dimensions. Cut the boards to the appropriate size for the top, bottom, sides and shelves. For a custom closets, also you have to cut boards or plywood door. Divide the width of the inside of the cabinet by two to get the width of the door.

Place the boards on the floor and hold the sides, top, bottom and shelves with wood screws through the pilot holes. Cut the plywood quarter-inch to the width and height of the unit.  Hold a door into position and decide where to place the hinges. Make a pencil point within each hinge hole. Measure and mark the holes of the hinge to the other door so the two sides are equal. Drill pilot holes of the points. Screw the hinges into position in the custom closets and doors.

Different types of closet are with different specs. One of most popularly favored choices is the classy closet. It has great look with many features to admire. Why only admire? You can even get the space maximized for the maximum elegance and convenience. This is for your own best comfort.

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