Weathered Oak Chest Of Drawers

Colors Paint of Oak Chest of Drawers

Oak chest of drawers– The paint colors you choose to go with oak wood in your home can improve, storefront or mixed with wood. First ideas colors is out the pastel colors like pale yellow and green and pink and baby blue, soft aspects bring oak. These colors work well for a peaceful and relaxed in a room with oak environment.

Dark colors. If you really want your adjustment oak chest of drawers to stand, go with a dark paint color. Dark, forest green or brown cranberry adds boldness to the room and shows the way of the oak. But using dark paint colors can lead to feeling room smaller and less bright. Instead of painting the entire room in a solid dark color, you can paint an accent wall in a color like navy or eggplant.

Bright colors. Divert attention from the oak in his room by painting with bright colors. Whether you paint the entire room, an accent wall or some pieces of oak chest of drawers, bright colors such as cherry red or neon tone draw the eye for color. The use of bright paint colors to distract the eye oak is useful if you have oak wood trim and floors do not like, but can not replace.#ThanksForReading SBC