Old World Style Decorating Design

Old World Style Decorating

The European decor has old world style decorating centuries. The traditional style of furniture, fabrics and European style is classic and timeless. Old World Decor The decor style old world is taken from the Renaissance periods, according to the Home Decorating Made Easy website. Old furniture world have a heavy look. The beds tend to have large studs and chairs are decorated in dark wood backs. Fabrics bedding and curtains in the old world style are thick and dark. The brocade and velvet are often used in the decoration of the old world. The curtains are tied with ropes braided to give details.

The French country decor is characterized by a sophisticated and old world style decorating style. Although many colors can be part of French country decor, the website French country decor guide recommends an emphasis on violets, creamy yellow and blue Mediterranean.

The furniture in this style has an old world style decorating and is often curved and smooth. The fabrics are lightweight with small floral prints or toile designs. The walls of the French country style can be false plaster or plaster, and sometimes include wood paneling. The floors are often of stone or tile, and can be painted with simple designs.#ThanksForReading SBC