Paper Lantern Chandelier

Lantern Chandelier Ideas

Lantern chandelier – Candle lanterns have one or more candles safely inside a glass globe designed to enhance the natural beauty of candlelight. These versatile flashlights are both practical and decorative and operate without the noise associated with propane lanterns. Camp lantern chandelier. Candle lanterns can be used to illuminate the interior of the tent, and also provide gentle heat. The heat dries excess moisture inside the tent and reduces condensation on the walls of the store. Despite the call live pose any risk of fire, glass globe prevents contact and the area of ​​tissue or camping equipment.

Emergency lighting. Keep a supply of candles and lantern chandelier on hand for when you go light ensures you will always have lighting. These flashlights do not pose health risks associated with burning fuel inside the house, and not based on the power of the batteries that can fail in storage.

Repel insects. Lantern chandelier serve a dual function when you replace the candle with candles citronella insect repellent. Suspended from the eaves of the porch or hung near a seating area outside, the smell emitted from the candle lantern repels mosquitoes and other biting insects. Take these candles with barbecues and other outdoor activities to keep the area free of insects.#ThanksForReading SBC