Picture Mirrored Chest Of Drawers 2014

Chest of Mirrored Chest Of Drawers Female

Turn a boring ugly chest of mirrored chest of drawers in a fairly comfortable, feminine, with just a few simple ideas. You not have to cost a lot of money or involve a lot of time or tools to convert your thrift store in the brown chest of drawers into a shabby chic dream for you or feminine piece of furniture for the bedroom of her daughter.  Paint it. Change the color of the bureau is the first step in modernizing the way it looks. Choose a soft color like pink or yellow cake, or go to a brighter like bright orange. Keep it neutral if you want to add other accents to feminize comfortable. Sand before painting comfortable and allow the paint to dry before other decoration mirrored chest of drawers.

Decoupage pretty comfortable using pictures from magazines, pieces of wallpaper, scrapbook, sheet music or anything made ​​of paper or cloth. Use ribbon to decorate the edges or wrapping paper to liven up the top of the dresser. Use a decoupage medium and sponge brush to add the role anywhere in the comfortable choice. Add pretty knobs. Purchase decorative handles for drawers and changing old. Porcelain or glass knobs would be nice. This will completely change the look of the drawers. Check out thrift stores or vintage shops to find old drawer pulls. For an eclectic look, use a different drawer pull each drawer.

Place some decorative paper inside the mirrored chest of drawers to match your paint or decoupage. The drawers can be lined with wallpaper or contact paper with drawings add something a little more for comfortable and conceal the ugly bottom dresser drawers. Add a mirror pretty. Hang a beautiful mirror that matches the comfortable or can be painted to match the dresser. The mirror should go right over the dresser to add femininity drawers and provide a nice dressing.#ThanksForReading SBC