Decoration Zeber Print Bed Rooms

Purple Zebra Print Bed Rooms Ideas

The interesting pattern of zebra print bed rooms with either a pastel or bright shade of purple blend to create a visually stimulating environment and one-of-a-kind for a girl. Paint the walls a shade of purple that suits your taste. Choose a vibrant color to create a bold look that works with zebra stripes. To compensate zebra stripes, choose a lighter shade of purple for the walls.

Incorporate a combination of bedding in this themed room. Use purple leaves in the cradle and zebra print comforter. Alternatively, you can use sheets of black or white and purple quilt. Hang purple curtains on the windows, but be sure to hang curtains or room-darkening shadows beneath them to create a dark room for a nap. Place a throw blanket zebra print bed rooms along the back of the chair.

Complete the look of the room with accessories. Cut out the letters of your little zebra print bed rooms paper and display them in frames of single frames. Zebra Hang a mobile above the crib, or make your own mobile hanging lamps a combination of black paper, white and purple ceiling above the bed. Frame images of zebras and put out on the shelves and wall shelves.

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