Cute Closet Organizing Ideas

Good Closet Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing ideas – With the amount of clothing and accessories that we tend to accumulate today is becoming more tedious task of sorting our garments and because of that disorder, sometimes we lose sight of pieces of clothing that never get back to more or we find that we have lost the ability to store more. For those you want to solve these problems, here you have 18 tricks to your closet and drawers convert a haven of order and comfort. In addition to facilitate you life, it will help you to identify clothing or items you no longer need and maybe others can benefit.

Closet organizing ideas, fold the shirts so that you can place vertically in drawers: it will be easier to find the one you want and do not wrinkle as much. Roll the clothes: they’ll look better, will wrinkle less and take up less space. Use circular containers for storing small items like scarves or belts.

Closet organizing ideas, recycle small boxes for separators and organize your underwear. Hang scarves and handkerchiefs in this way in one or more hangers. You can use the ring of a soda to double your closet space: place it as in the image and your hangers take up less in the bar.#ThanksForReading SBC