Coat Rack Bench Wooden

Coat Rack Bench According to Feng Shui

Coat rack bench – it is one of the areas of the home that I love most, I like the change … that account and transmits both of us … ‘You can take a look at the post on the receiver I’ve written here and here, according to Feng Shui entrance area must be clear and without too many decorations.

The coat rack or coat rack bench, but makes a practical function, you must not forget the aesthetic. My advice is do not put an “any hanger ‘that note is of goop and you’ve put there because you needed. All decorative elements of the hall should have balance. Very important, not accumulate jackets, bags, umbrellas, shopping bags … If so you’re drowning space. Exert a bad Feng Shui at the entrance to your home.

A rack that fits you such as coat rack bench, no sense to have small racks where you bend over to let the jacket. If it is damaged or defective’s better retire. A knob that is constantly falling, one leg limping, according to feng shui reflects ‘lack of support’.#ThanksForReading SBC