White Asian Vases

Beautiful Asian Vases for Exotic Asian Decor

A modern vase can become an Asian vases style ancient technique lacquered with tar. With this procedure, you can restore vases or make simple pieces of turned ceramic have an exotic and decorative. If you like Asian-style decor, do not miss this technique yourself.

You can make ceramics or purchase at very reasonable price, a piece of cake ceramic turning beautiful lines. Then perform it lacquering technique tar for splendid Asian vases, if it will buy a house decoration, you would have to pay large sums. With this technique yourself, you get to same results and not spend practically nothing, because you can also recycle a vase that you have at home.

Prepare tar few days before making lacquering technique. It places stone tar into a container which fits snugly, and poured on to coat thinner. Let tar is completely dissolved, which will take about 2 or 3 days. After this time, you can already do on lacquered ceramic object. Begin by sanding entire surface and removing dust with a clean cloth, and then apply a coat of shellac. Let dry and apply latex paint color you have chosen, let dry again and ends with another layer of color.

Mix in a small bowl shellac and glitter, stir until it a well and brush piece letting them see background color in some parts and wait for it to dry completely. Painted with a broad brush across jar with diluted tar, and immediately wrap it in crumpled nylon, tight sets with tape and let dry for 5 days. After this time, slowly remove nylon and brush a layer of shellac. Result is a bright Asian vases of chosen color latex textured crackle in gold, glitter effect. Its a great DIY technique for decorating an Asian-style lounge.#ThanksForReading SBC