Cheap White Paper Lanterns

Color White Paper Lanterns

Every summer in Japan, citizens of the release white paper lanterns floating in the local rivers and lakes. Lanterns are decorated with special names and symbols and is dedicated to the late loved ones. This ceremony lasts more than three days, which serve the same purpose as the American Memorial Day. The power, honor their lost loved ones in this way creating your own floating Japanese Lantern. They are not hard to do, but require adult supervision for children and a little patience.

Spread on a clean, flat surface of the paper translucent. Sketch the design on paper in pencil. Appropriate designs include the pagoda, weeping cherry, Japanese characters, koi fish and other Asian motifs. An overview of your design in permanent marker in the color with watercolor paints. Let the paper dry. Fold the white paper lanterns into quarters to create a square Lantern or simply bend to the tube for cylindrical Lantern. Glue together the two edges of the sheet of paper and arrange them in the Pack, while dry.

Trace around the bottom of your white paper lanterns with a pencil on a sheet of bamboo. Bamboo sheets are thin strips of bamboo woven together into a thin pad. Cut out the shape of the traces of edge with glue and set the lamp shade on top. Allow the to dry. Set the candle votive to Lucienne. Carefully light the candles with a long match or lighter to keep the flame of the cone sides of the Lantern. Set your Lantern outdoor water features, stream, Lake or even a kid’s swimming pool.#ThanksForReading SBC