Unique Lavender Wreath

How to Make a Lavender Wreath

Lavender wreath – The scent of lavender is calming, soothing and relaxing. Lavender flowers also make a beautiful purple crown. If growth lavender twigs can be harvested from your own garden, or buy to make a lavender wreath. Instruction to make a lavender wreath. Cut sprigs of lavender 2 inches above the woody part of the stem. Hang lavender stems to dry. Cover a wreath form with Spanish moss with a glue gun. After lavender is completely dry (at least a week), the bunch of dried lavender on the stem. You must work with bunches of about 1 inch around the stems.

Even the flowers to reach about the same height. Cut stems up to 2 inches. Secure the bunch of lavender to the crown, wrapping twice around the stems with wire. Work your way around the crown of placing flowers on the stems of lavender just secured the crown. Do this until the crown is completely covered with sprigs of lavender. Meta stalks last group of lavender flowers lavender first group is attached to the crown. Use the wire to ensure a loop for hanging on the back of the crown lavender wreath.#ThanksForReading SBC