Simple Clear Cylinder Vases

Decorating Clear Cylinder Vases

Your looks beautiful clear cylinder vases filled with fresh spring flowers. As time goes on and the water in it begins to evaporate, you may notice rings or streaks dirty looking inside your vase. These hard water stains are not only difficult to achieve, but it is difficult to remove them without scratching and scraping your relic. Before removing a mop or brush to rub, try some softer methods and probably more effective.

Pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry rice in your clear cylinder vases. Add warm water to the vase until the spots are submerged. Shake the jar gently back and forth to remove loose debris and other dirt without scratching the glass. Get rid of the rice and water.  Fill the vase with white vinegar to a point just above where they are hard water stains. Move the vase and let it run the acid to dissolve the calcium and magnesium in your spots.

Leave the vinegar in the jar overnight. Pour the vinegar and rinse with warm water. This will probably eliminate hard water stain. If not, repeat step 2 a second night.Mixing equal parts of warm water and commercial calcium and lime remover in a separate container. Gently apply the mixture to the hard water spots with a clean, soft towel. Rub gently moisten if not working. Wash the clear cylinder vases with cold water. Allowed to air dry. It shines with a soft, clean towel to remove any water stains resulting from air dry.#ThanksForReading SBC