Wood Wide Plank Flooring

Wide Plank Flooring Ideas

Wide plank flooring is a traditional type of soil that predates the use of tongue and groove plank modern designs. The boards used to create the floor are usually a variety of sizes, creating a flat surface that is different from any other. Changes in tables direct the viewer’s attention to the focal points in the room. Nailed in place, the tables create a strong level surface, offering a dated look for any decor.

Set the wide plank flooring in the room 72 hours before installation to acclimatize the wood for the room. This prevents the contraction or expansion of the timber after placement. Cover the base with a layer of resin paper. Attach the paper to wood subfloors stapling in place every 12 inches. Ensure concrete bases spreading a layer of construction adhesive on the first floor with a roller to paint low-nap, and then rolling paper in place. Closely butt the edges of the paper and cut the resin when necessary with a knife.

Arrange the wide plank flooring in rows, supporting through the surface in a random pattern. Use wider boards in areas that serve as focal points like front doors, in the center of the room and between rooms. Cutting tables as the place with a circular saw so the ends are aligned with the location of floor joists for safe installation. For concrete floors, cut the boards so that the joints between alternate rows of the Board at least 16 inches.#ThanksForReading SBC