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How to Clean Granite Vanity Tops

Let’s see how to clean a granite vanity tops with a good result and in a smooth manner. While these items are effective in removing debris adhering dirt, eventually they merely scratch the granite and eliminate glare leaving opaque. No need to go to these lengths, as the granite supports both gentle cleansing with soap and water, ammonia solution, and if necessary a thorough cleaning. I think we should put more emphasis on the fabric used in the products.

If heavy use soap or bleach and water, applying the product with a soft sponge or a mop of blue fibers, and we made clear and dry with a microfiber cloth, we have a clean counter, bright. Microfiber and paper capture dirt and absorb moisture, leaving the granite vanity tops with a spectacular shine. Both can be complementary or used separately.

Surfing the Net to press the user trends, I have seen polishing granite vanity tops products are recommended. They are wholly inadequate, as they have in their composition with abrasive particles. Perhaps the first applications throw a good result, but ultimately, we get a matte and faded surface. No need to polish the granite, and we can never do it properly, simply remove its shine.#ThanksForReading SBC