L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod Design

l shaped shower curtain rod

With a wide variety of shapes and styles of shower, you may find yourself with a shower strangely in your room bathroom. Showers squarely designed to cover two walls of a corner, creating a special challenge when it comes to choosing a bar shower curtain. If you have a shower at an angle of 90 degrees at the outer corner, treat it like a corner inside with windows on two sides. The specialty l shaped shower curtain rod is available in home decorating stores and window treatment.

Put the l shaped shower curtain rod in the shower angle makes it look bigger when you have the curtain closed and prevents the curtain in the shower goal drafty. No need to buy the rods tailored to your shower curtain.  The connectors are available where window treatments sold. Note that you will probably need to add support for curtain rods above if you choose this method.

As a last resort, if you cannot find a way to install an l shaped shower curtain rod for your shower at 90 degrees, add a pair of sliding or swinging doors that come together in the corner of the shower. If one side of the shower is longer than the other, a door installed in this part and makes half a fixed piece of glass.#ThanksForReading SBC