Tall Cylinder Vases

Create Beautiful and Fresh Centerpiece with Cylinder Vases

Cylinder vases come in many different sizes. Its shape makes it convenient to place around rooms as decoration or you can place just beautiful, fresh flowers or silk that is used as a centerpiece.  Cylinder vase come in many different colors and can seem simple and boring themselves. You can change look of a vase transparent or solid color cylinder by adding decorative ribbons in your choice of fabrics and colors. This is an innovative way of coordinating vase with decoration and color scheme, whether for a centerpiece for a wedding or just a decorative piece in your home.

Select tape that is at least one-half inch wide and cut ribbon so that cloth is longer than circumference of cylinder vases half inches. Place double-sided tape around vase in area you want tape. You can cover all tapes placing vase next to other, or you can just use two or three strips of tape to improve appearance of vessel.

Create a glowing centerpiece, or other embellishments, placing clear glass cylinder in center of a square mirror glass title. Bright Christmas decorations hanging on top edge of vessel can to hang ornaments from outside. Decorative glass prisms, bright white faux icicles and other long, narrow ornaments work well for this type of centerpiece. To add to effect of brightness you can place a tea light, votive or pillar candle in center of cylinder vases and on.#ThanksForReading SBC