Trendy Rustic Home Bar Designs

How to Build Rustic Home Bar Designs

The addition of a rustic home bar designs becomes a huge success and attractive meeting place where friends and family members enjoy the meetings. If you like rustic decorations with a nautical theme, put your personal touch in space by building a single bar in its class with old whiskey barrels.  Find two empty whiskey barrels of the same size of a distillery. Buy a piece of decorative plywood in a color that suits your style. Cut the plywood so that is 1.22 m to 1.82 m long and 0.91 m wide.

Barrels filled with warm soapy water and let it rest for about 12 hours. Empty the soapy water and spray the inside of the barrels for rustic home bar designs.  Place the barrel upside down, so that their openings face the earth. Barrels strip until one sitting under the ends of the plywood, the outer edges of the barrels must be below the edges of the plywood.

Wooden nails nail three 7.62 cm in a triangle on the plywood on the center of each of the barrels for rustic home bar designs. Sand the surface of the plywood with medium sandpaper grain. Follow the grain of the wood, while the sandpaper. Clean the surface of the wood with a clean, damp cloth.#ThanksForReading SBC