Paint Acrylic Vase

Diy Acrylic Vase in Stunning Results, Try It!

Hello friends! Today, I will share with you about decorating acrylic vase, because I love imagination and creativity will also be players. Also you can choose colors that fit decor anywhere garnish with your “new” vase. You will need a flat to paint without having textures that hinder vase, colored acrylic paint, tape and a brush.

To make this craft, you must first think about how you want to paint your acrylic vase, you can make a sketch on a piece of paper and paint to get an idea of ​​how you want to be eventually. Then and now with idea in mind catches tape and separates parts you want to paint a color you do not want to paint or decorate you prefer a different color.

Paint part you want with that color, then you’ll have to let it dry, remove adhesive strips and paint with following colors decorate parties decide (finally removes tapes they have been). After you have left to dry and finish. Although I advise you to spend two or three coats of paint so that results can be excellent.

You see large materials are not needed, nor spend much money to get some nice vases without throwing so we can give them life they deserve. Of course when you go to put them in rooms you cannot forget adequate and nice place to fit not only colors but also acrylic vase with flowers decorating room.#ThanksForReading SBC