Cute Hall Tree Storage Bench

How to Build a Hall Tree Storage Bench

Chubby storage banks are very versatile and useful pieces of furniture to take home. If you want to be and additional storage in the driveway or in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, a hall tree storage bench cubicle suits your needs. Building a wooden bench with cubicles likely is cheaper for you to buy one in a furniture store, and you do not have to be a master carpenter to achieve excellent results.

How to build a hall tree storage bench, Place two sheets 12 inches by 48 3/4 inches and singing plywood 48 inches, parallel and 15 inches apart. Insert five pieces of 12 inches by 15 March plywood / wood 4 inches between the two parallel sheets, with two parts flush with the ends, and the remaining three evenly spaced throughout, so that four sections are created, each of about 12 by 15 inches.

To build a hall tree storage bench, paste plywood pieces 12 by 15 inch parallel both pieces of plywood. Place a piece of plywood floor 13 by 48 inches, and place the cubicle unit on top. There must be a 1 inch overhang at the front of the cubicle unit. Secure the plywood base to the cubicle unit with a screw through the corners of each cubicle.#ThanksForReading SBC