Secret Hidden Door Bookcase

Give Surprise Your Guests with Hidden Door Bookcase

Having a sliding shelf is a feature of the room that you do not see every day. Having a hidden door bookcase adds extra surprise. Taking on this project and you are bound to get answers wow your friends and guests. Then add an extra element of surprise and inform everyone who built his library and hidden sliding pocket door itself.

They’re horror movies, murder mysteries and comedy shows. A door hidden behind a bookcase is a literary and cultural classic device. While a hidden door bookcase may seem cliche, it can be very effective to hide a room next door or a closet full of valuables. Buy plans to build your own or hire a contractor to build a library of natural appearance to hide his secret space.

Create a bold display while turning a hidden door bookcase a large quilt or tapestry hanging on a wall. Sew a sleeve at the back of the work of textile art and hang a curtain rod above the door opening, covering the cover and extending on both sides. Place the hanging wall to reach the floor. Voila! Consider adding a stationary shelf which is revealed when the slide library reaches the right end of the runway end.#ThanksForReading SBC